Latest Cool Haircuts For Boys under 18 in 2021|| Upcoming Haircuts

cool haircuts for boys
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Cool haircuts for boys

cool haircuts for boys


There are many haircuts for boys so; it is difficult to find a haircut that suits your personality. New haircuts for boys have taken haircuts to a huge new level and created new trends that are taking this year by storm. There are so many haircuts available for younger boys so, it can be difficult to choose. For your help, here we have compiled a list of 10 best cool haircuts for boys. You will be able to find everything from classic and cute haircuts that never go out of trend, that will place you on the cutting edge of fashion. If you are adventurous or simple, we are sure that you will find your new favorite style here.

Here we have some cool and famous haircuts for boys:

1. Undercut

undercut for boys

The undercut has made a huge point in fashion this year. The hair is cut short around the sides of the head and back of the head while the top hairs remain long. The most popular way to style this haircut is by running the hair curls, but there are many other ways to style it as well.

While in most pictures it with straight hair, it also works great with curly hair, but this style requires a lot of styling with gel or and needs to be maintained by shaving every week. It works best with strong and sharp jawlines and long faces. This is ideal for older teen boys who want to maintain a fabulous appearance. Your haircut tells your stylist you want an undercut. Most barbers and stylists are familiar with the style because it is in trend, if they are not you should say that you want length on the top of the head and the sides shaved with a shaver.

2. Vertical Haircut

haircuts for boys

Another on the list of cool haircuts for boys, we have this amazing haircut which is great for summer to do for boys with beautiful and thick hair. It’s a high-rich style and it will surely add energy and beauty to any situation, and it can work with both short and long hairs. This haircut gives you some height to the hair and is perfect for a square or round face because it adds grace. The beautiful and thick hair will need hair spray or hair wax with the best hold possible to stay perfect. Apply product to your hair. If you don’t have natural volume, then blow-dries your hair well.

3. Crew Cut

crew haircut

A classic haircut without using any time style, the crew cut is one of the top trend haircut choices for boys. It’s a short cut that’s ideal for naughty and active boys, but it can be perfect for any kind of boy’s style. The crew cut also makes the face more defined and nice. The crew cut can be available in barbershops or in hair salons all over the world, it’s almost impossible to find a hairstylist who cannot cut a good crew cut.

If you want to cut it at home, it’s very easy to do this. The hair in front should be the longest as long or short both are in trend, gets shorter as it goes toward the backside of the head. The sides and back are trimmed with a shorter clipper.

4. Textured Curly Undercut

textured haircut

If you have curly hair, it might be very difficult to find a style that complements your personality. In this situation, you can consider this style. It is an undercut but allows the curls to retain their shape that gives your hair a unique look. In this haircut, the curls are cut to suit and frame the face shape so you have no curly mess with your hair. If you are used to unruly curls, then try this cleaner look.  Tell your hairstylist that you want a clean and short undercut on the sides. For the hair at the top, you want it to be defined with a curl cream with enough hold so that it for your whole day. The product that should be used on the hair that you are using should be excellent. The look is finished with its artistry and charm.

5. High Volume Haircut

boys new haircuts

This is one of the most attractive and cool boys’ haircuts. The high volume haircut is pretty for boys with smaller faces, since it points up the face nicely with its shape and cheer. The hair is medium length, and then this is definitely a cut for boys who love long hair. You can also try this technique with other haircuts. You can get an undercut on the sides and style the top of your hair in the high volume style. The high volume look lies well to a variety of combinations of making it one of the most adaptable cuts on this list.

If you have fine and straight hair, you just need to blow dry your hair for volume before styling. If you have thick and beautiful hair, then blow drying is not necessary. You can use a fiber or clay paste with ample hold. Apply the product on towel-dried hair to spike the ends and give the cut an awesome shape.

6. Modern Cowlick

modern hairstyles for boys

Coarse hair can be tough to work with, the modern cowlick allows you to tame your coarse hair and get a cheer cut out of it. This is a short haircut that is longer at the front side. This gives a cool look to short hair, featuring many defined ends along the scalp and a hint of an undercut, so if you have shorter, coarse hair, try this cut must. You need a slight undercut on the sides. Style the cowlick-like fringe by using a dab of matte and medium hold paste or gel. If you want more texture, then the product should be applied to hair when it is towel dried.

7. Side Part

mens haircuts sidepart

This is another most loving cool hairstyle among boys these days. The side part is a classic hairstyle that has recently received a resurgence in hairstyling trends. It has been around in trend for at least a hundred years, and it was most popular in the 1910s to the 1960s. As you know the style of the 60s has come back to the trend, classic hairstyles become quite stylish and cool. Many dapper young men are sporting side parts and some boys will want to imitate them, Like the undercut, it’s for boys who want a sharp, clean, and pretty appearance.

Despite its simple look, the side part is slightly more complicated than the previous hairstyles on the list. The top must be left fairly long, but if it is too long, the part may not stay. The sides and back need to be shorter, but not so short that they take off the top. They should merely accentuate the top as the side part is the focal point of the hairstyle. Work with your hairstylist to achieve a side part that works best with your face shape and hair type.


8. Disconnected Undercut

stylish haircuts for boys

If you like a more carefree look, this hairstyle may be a good choice for you. These kinds of school haircuts might not fly in stricter and perfect for every boy.  It’s a great haircut to wear if you want. This cut is most suitable for younger boys; it’s a little different from the other haircuts on our list, which tends to have a professional look.

The gel can work as a key to lock this cut. Some products work into your hair and keep the style upward. Experiment with different stylish is sometimes good, and see what you like. The hair should be somewhat short for this style, about 1 to 2 inches.

9. Plain Crop with Fade

latest haircuts for boys

This style is as much you can customize an easy style like the crop or to wear. Here is a clean, brushed top contrasts nicely with the skin-tight fade for lots of style points and energy.

10. Puny Fringed Spikes

pony haircut

If you are looking for a haircut that’s quite short but still unique, this spiked hairstyle might be the right one for you, in fact only for you. This disconnect on the side is a nice and pretty touch to round out the cut. As you can see in the picture this is perfect for all kinds of boys.

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