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uPVC Windows and Doors
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Buying new doors and windows is a long-term investment for a home, so the price and quality have to be just right. Things like strength, durability, comfort, and how easy it is to keep up play a significant role in making a choice. Doors and windows made of uPVC (unplasticised polyvinyl chloride) are becoming more popular in urban Indian homes and builder apartments than traditional materials like wood or aluminium.

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But the question is, how do you choose the best brand or maker with so many uPVC product makers on the market and most uPVC window doors looking the same? Don’t worry; here are some things to look for in each part of uPVC doors and windows that will help you choose the right ones.


How to Buy uPVC Window Doors: Steps

Here, we’ve tried to put together the different things you should contemplate before buying a uPVC door or window.

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The strength of uPVC windows or doors is mainly determined by its multi-chambered, galvanised steel-reinforced uPVC profile. Good companies that make uPVC doors will always keep a standard profile width of between 2.3mm and 3mm, and the thickness of the steel reinforcements will be between 1mm and 3mm. A strong uPVC profile should last long and not crack or flake.


Many uPVC producers care solely about profit and will say or do anything to make a sale. One’s door or window type may be dictated by the architectural style of their home or structure. If you need assistance deciding, you can consult with the best uPVC door & windows manufacturer.

Energy Efficiency

uPVC windows that seal well and don’t let much heat through can make a home more energy efficient.

Sealing the gaps between the uPVC window and the masonry wall is best done with weather-proof silicone sealants. This makes an effective barrier and stops any heat loss or gain. Technically, uPVC window glazing is best done with a low modulus neutral cure silicone sealant.

With Sealants, Window Gaskets Fill any Holes or Gaps in a Window

They stop water and dust from getting in during rains or terrible weather. For window gaskets, you should consider using a material that can stand up to UV and ozone. A gasket should be at least 3mm thick, and EPDM rubber and TPE, a mix of rubber and plastic, are the most appropriate materials. A low-E double- or triple-glazed unit can make a window more energy efficient.

Sound Insulation

Think about installing uPVC window doors with EPDM rubber gaskets and silicone sealants for added soundproofing and thermal efficiency.

Glass Thickness

This window can have one glass pane, two glass panes, or three. The glass can be regular float, toughened, laminated, or tempered.

Stability of Colour

Over time, a white uPVC window may turn a different colour. While making uPVC profiles, titanium dioxide is added to keep the white colour of the profile stable. Titanium dioxide must be used in at least 2.5% of the profile’s weight.


Good uPVC windows must have suitable hardware and a remote locking system. Hardware like friction stays, hinges, and handles must be made of type-304 grade stainless steel, which won’t rust or corrode easily. Install either a single-point lock or a multi-point lock on the window, depending on how safe the home needs. Having double-glazed laminated glass windows installed is a good idea if you care about the security of your home.


A well-known company that makes uPVC windows will give at least a 10-year warranty on the uPVC profiles and a 1-year warranty on the hardware. The after-sales service team should respond quickly to broken handles, misaligned windows, problems with the sliders or rollers for sliding windows, broken glass, broken sashes, broken hinges, and water leaks.


If you’re buying or constructing a new home, keep in mind that the windows and doors may look good from the outside, but the builder or contractor may not have done a perfect job. Today, more than 200 companies in India make uPVC windows and doors. The more options there are in the market, the better. Choose the one that fits your household needs the best. 

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