3 Best Tools to Convert PDF File to Vector SVG

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Yes, both PDF and SVG are indicated as the well-known formats and they are considered for different purposes. But sometime you people encounter with compatibility issues due to which you want to convert PDF file to SVG online. For instant and reliable conversions, you ought to choose free version of any online PDF to SVG converter.

Well, come to the point, we here going to reveal couple of ways that allow you to export PDF as SVG online while maintaining the original quality.

Did You know!

The upside is that you can now use single page PDF document file as a vector SVG graphic format without any quality disruption. And, humble thanks to the legitimate and free source of theonlineconverter.com that lets you proceed with single or multiple PDF documents to SVG conversions with its free PDF to SVG converter online.


LibreOffice Draw:

It is referred to as an open-source and free PDF to SVG converter that lets you perform conversions on Windows, Mac, and Linux. This is tunning drawing software that assists you in drawing with the assistance of different tools and features. Even it lets you import a PDF document file, view it, and simply assists you in transforming it into vector SVG and certain other image formats such as EPS, JPEG, PNG, PDF, TIFF, and more. Not only that, this handy vector-based tool that allows you to edit and annotate input PDFs prior conversions.

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How to convert PDF File to SVG with LibreOffice Draw?

  • First of all, you have to start launching LibreOffice Draw and just proceed further by opening particular pdf document file
  • Here you will see that this application displays all the pages of the imported PDF file, it’s best time to choosing an individual PDF pages that you wish to save as SVG vector file
  • Very next, if your requirements indulge with PDF editing, then you simply have to fetch its drawing and editing tools to proceed further
  • Once you have done with all, its time to move the File menu, then simply fetch the Export option and select the SVG vector as the resultant file format to export pdf as svg vector image file


Inkscape is the most probably used by experts for converting PDF to vector SVG files as it works as free PDF to SVG converter. Even regardless of what operating systems you’re using, this handy vector-based tool lets you deal with vector files without any quality loss. Just couple of steps are involved for turning Adobe PDF document into SVG vector graphic format.

How to convert PDF to vector SVG Using the Inkscape program?

  • For starting, you need to simply have to import Adobe PDF file to Inkscape panel
  • Then, you can proceed further with changes for PDFs (if required) as it provided you with free tools with advanced editing traits
  • Very next, from the mentioned File menu, you ought to try the given Save As feature through which you can easily convert PDF to vector SVG

The benefits of having a PDF editor for business are many.

Not only that, this vector based tool assists you for converting PDF document file to certain compatible file types of SVG vector files that includes:

  • Inkscape SVG
  • Plain SVG
  • Optimized SVG
  • Compressed Inkscape SVG and more

Free PDF to SVG Converter:

Get this free PDF to SVG converter version and allow it to export PDF as vector SVG graphic file format without compromising on the quality. Not only that, you can now make a couple of clicks to change multiple PDFs to SVG files at once for free. Quit worrying as this handy tool lets you to transform all pages of PDF documents into a separate SVG vector graphic file.

How to convert PDF to Vector SVG using this Free PDF to SVG Converter?

  • First of all, you need to upload separate PDF files or even a batch files in folder that packed with PDF document files. Quit worrying since it displays each uploaded PDFs on its main UI (User Interface) that packed with size and even the number of pages
  • Very next, you simply need to mention the path to the output folder and make a click on the Convert button. Here you will see that this tool takes couple of second to change all PDFs to vector SVG files


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