How To Get Facebook Messenger To Send Messages Again?

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Facebook Messenger is still a big part of the company’s social media strategy. In the Messenger app, the business just released a Stories add-on. While Messenger has a lot of features, it can get bloated at times. Facebook Messenger may stop transmitting messages or refuse to open at all for some users. Here’s how to resolve the problem. Because some time facebook message is sent but not delivered. This also needed to be fixed, below you can see several solutions.


Turn On/Off Airplane Mode:

Let’s start with the basics of network troubleshooting. You may enable Airplane mode by dragging down the notification bar. After a few minutes, disable it. Remember to turn on Mobile Data from the Alert toggle or the Settings menu while you’re at it.

Disable Messenger’s Data Saving Mode:

No, we’re not referring to Android’s default Data Saver setting. Facebook Messenger has a data saver mode built-in. It’s time to turn off Data Saver mode if you’re using Messenger with it enabled. Here’s how to do it.

  • Go to Settings in Messenger on your phone.
  • Go to Preferences and choose Data Saver.
  • From the main window, disable Data Saver mode.

Check The Servers of Messenger:

If Facebook Messenger’s servers are down, you’ll get a message saying “Messenger isn’t sending messages.” By going to Downdetector and googling for Messenger, you can validate the problem. If you find large indignation increases noticed by other users, then it’s a Facebook problem. Facebook is known for quickly resolving major concerns. Allow some time to pass before attempting to send messages again.

You Have Been Unfriended By Another Individual:

On the other side, did the person unfriend you on Facebook? From the Facebook message app or the web, you may check your current friendship status. If that’s the case, there are two possibilities. If the other person permits anyone to message them on Messenger, you can still send a message.

Users can block the Direct Message option for anyone who isn’t on their friend list using Facebook’s privacy settings. You will not be able to send messages at this time.

Necessary Precondition Must Be Restored:

Facebook Messenger will not send messages if your phone is experiencing network troubles. You can try again by resetting your phone’s network settings. Search for Reset Network Settings in the Settings app on your phone. Reset your phone’s network settings by selecting it from the search results.

Try The Lite Version of Facebook Messenger:

As we previously stated, Facebook has crammed the Messenger app with far too many features and capabilities. On high-end phones, everything runs well, but on phones with poor CPUs, there may be some hitches. The situation has been brought to Facebook’s attention. As a result, the Messenger Lite app for Android has been released. You may use it and take advantage of all of the Messenger app’s capabilities. The Messenger Lite app, as the name implies, takes up very little space on your phone.

Turn On The Use of Background Data:

Are you using Messenger to communicate huge media or files over a mobile network? If you don’t allow Messenger to use background data, the OS may stop or halt the app in the background.

  • Open the app description menu by long-tapping the Messenger icon.
  • From the Usage menu, choose Mobile Data.
  • Toggle the Allow standby data usage switch on.

Permit Data Use While The Data Save Mode Is On:

This is true for Android users who have Data Saver mode turned on. You must provide Messenger unfettered access in order for it to function properly in Data Saver mode. Here’s how to do it.

  • Go to the Messenger app’s information menu in step one.
  • While the Data saver is toggled on, select Mobile data and allow Allow data usage.


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