5 Different Women’s Sandals to Wear in Style this Summer

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Women’s sandals are the most loved footwear pieces all through summertime because they keep your feet cool and comfortable and can be matched to a number of outfits. Sandals come in different sizes, shapes, colours, and styles, from formal to more casual ones. With this guide by women’s sandals Australia, you can select from gladiators, wedges, lace-ups, and other sandals. All these sandals possess many features, and match well with various outfits and are perfect for different occasions. 

Gladiator Sandals 

Gladiators are called strappy sandals with a front T-bar. They are influenced by the Ancient Romans and correspond to the design modelled by Roman gladiators. This is a sandal style that has been all over for years now. They have, at times, been on the fashion initiators’ radar and have gone through several changes in styles and materials. Thus, they may have missed a part of their actual design. Yet, they are flat, come with straps and are very attractive. 

It is difficult to say even if gladiator sandals must be classified as classy or casual. But one thing is definite; they create a style statement no matter what the occasion. Low gladiators work well with extended skirts and jeans, and high gladiators appear best with short dresses and shorts.  

Slide Sandals 

Slides in women’s sandals include a free or open toe with a strap moving crossways the foot. They generally have a single wide strap or numerous smaller straps on the foot’s bridge. These simple women’s sandals are again in the fashion world and will stay here. They are offered in fashionable, casual, and flashy styles and are very simple to slip on and off. Cork sandals can be mixed with all from jeans to a beautiful leather mini, and they are the ideal instance of practical and stylish footwear. 

When discussing cork sandals, you may be speculating what is cork created of. Cork for shoes is made from the peel of cork oak trees. It is a similar kind of cork that is employed for bulletin boards and wine corks. The finest part of it all is that it is environment-responsive. One more thing that forms cork the best material for viable shoes is that it is inherently exuberant, flexible, and waterproof. So, footwear manufactured from it is light in weight but firm and very relaxing. 

Mule Sandals 

If there is a sandal type that does not seem to be out of style, it is surely mule sandals. These sandals have maintained their status because of their super comfortable and exclusive design. Mules are the best footwear to develop an easygoing look. In addition, they are quite simple to wear and remove as they do not have any zips or strings. There are various styles of mules, with many trendy designs and decorations to select from – there is a sandal relevant as per occasion and mood. 

Lace-up Sandals 

The lace-up sandals for ladies give an ultra-modern look because it sets much of the foot uncovered. They are very simple to style and can be styled for varied events. There are some distinct ways of tying them. So, if you lace them up correctly to the thigh or mane and sizable at the ankle, lace-up sandals in leather are ever admiring and in-trend. You can style them with a slip dress in the evening to develop a nominal date look or with jeans for a daytime appearance. 


Wedges generally have free toes and ankle ties. They are the perfect option if you are searching for a shoe that would make you look more elevated without producing much pain. Although these are sandals with heels, they are remarkably comfortable to walk all over because of the increased arch support. You can adorn them for a regular casual look in addition to unique occasions like a party or wedding. You can sport them with any cloth you have in your wardrobe. 


So, this was the essential summer sandal guide by women’s sandals Australia! We hope you now have the best idea of the styling sandals you wish and consider all to keep your feet relaxed and cool this summer season. With the hot climate, you do not need to waste time deciding which sandals to choose, so buy them now and relish the summer when it comes!