Every Woman Must Own The Fashionable Indian Salwar Suit

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Every single one of us needs at least one salwar suit in our closet! Besides the ease of it, the versatility of a classic wine colour Punjabi suit is certainly unbeatable. Everyone on this planet needs that one outfit they can reach for regardless of formality, time, accessibility, and comfort. But yes, we all need one of those outfits! So what will you wear for a last-minute wedding during the pandemic or for that open house that your friend decided to host just yesterday? 

It will most likely be impossible to plan for situations like these, so it is vital to have something ready and on the go. It isn’t like your daily makeup will clash with your favourite festive salwar suits. Or your earrings are too western for the look. Everything goes with an Indian salwar suit combination! 

What makes it even better is when these latest salwar kameez designs are custom-tailored to your fitting and, obviously, your liking. Of course, that is not to say that you need to get your suits stitched by a fancy and expensive tailor every time you need one. Yes, you can indulge in that formal outfit if you can repeat it comfortably. Still, there are many different ways to customise your suit according to your preferences. 

CloudTailor is one such brand that helps you with designer salwar suits online – it provides custom stitched salwar kameez to the daily person. A custom tailor in and of itself is a brand that brings technology and fashion together with the ideal bridge. 

With professional advice from fashion designers and even the option for delivery at your doorstep, CloudTailor is a hidden gem you don’t want to miss. Not only this but there are endless enumerations of a new fashion salwar suit that you’ll have trouble choosing just one! 

Types of ‘Kameez’ 

Straight Cut

With a nod to the classic fashion designer salwar, dress up in your favourite straight kurta – be it with palazzos, cigarette pants or even a dhoti. Trends may come and go, but this style isn’t going anywhere. So choose a suitable fabric that can be worn day or night, pick a colour that suits you, and get your favourite kind of work done on the straight-cut kurta.  


An evergreen style actively coming back into trend is what Punjabi-style salwar kameez designs are. Generally, it is hemmed above the knees and paired with a Patiala salwar, but fear not! There are no rules when it comes to fashion, so why now? Pick a bright colour, get your Punjabi-style kurta made according to your height, and pair it with the pants you are comfortable in to enjoy the monsoon.


It’s something your cousins wear to every formal function, and your mother wears to her anniversary party. A kurta like an Anarkali suits everyone and is available in many shapes and sizes. 

A good Anarkali is a perfect outfit to wear to any event, lunch or wedding, be it floor length, below your knees, or hitting your calves. Of course, the best way to wear one is with a churidar. However, even a pair of loose pants hit it off nicely with an Anarkali. 


With a very Mughal-esque feel, an angarkha has become extremely popular among the younger generation. No, this is not to say that your auntie can’t wear one! The robe-style kurta, often with a slit down the middle, is the perfect complement to your flared salwar. Pick up a breezy material like georgette or printed cotton fabric, and you have the ideal dress for many occasions. 


Grab that lacy fabric you have been eyeing or that bold floral print georgette you have been too afraid to wear. An excellent and elegant Pakistani-style kurta can pull anything off, including what you’ve never tried. So it is time to get that fabric, get it hemmed below your knees, and pair it with a classic slim-fitting pair of pants that ends either at or below your ankles. 


A relatively new style of Kurti but as elegant as all the others, a frock is tailored like its namesake. Usually above the knees in an A-line flare, the dress provides the sort of drama to a salwar suit you never knew you could achieve. Get an abstract pattern, or go for a linen fabric paired with pants in the same material, and you have an Indian co-ord outfit ready. 

Types of ‘Salwar’ 


Slim fitted pants that add a different dimension to your suit, a churidar is historically known for being the most challenging salwar to wear. That doesn’t deter anyone, nor should it – because the result of that struggle is beautiful. You can pair it with essentially any style of kurta you wish to pair it with. Add a matching (or contrasting) dupatta, and you’re good! 

Classic Salwar 

It’s all in the name. A salwar is as classic as it gets, and there is no doubt that anyone can pull one off. However, you may be wondering how to style one. Here’s when it gets easy – pair it with a short kurta and an excellent net or cotton dupatta, and your outfit is ready. There is no need to overthink a classic salwar. It even goes well with a crop top these days. 

Cigarette Pants 

Cigarette pants are a versatile pair of pants that are bound to look good with virtually any style of kurta. It’s impossible to go wrong with one of these, and the best idea is to get neutral colours so that you can mix and match them with any of your suits. 


A lehenga isn’t technically a salwar, but in addition to your favourite kameez, almost anything can be! So why not try something new and pick up a flared skirt to go with that old kurta hanging in your closet?


Arguably the most popular pants style, the palazzos are having a huge spotlight moment. Take advantage of it! Get a pair stitched to your liking, or pick up something already made – be sure to fit it to your preference.