Latest 15 Simple Nail Designs Ideas For Girls In 2020

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15 Simple Nail Designs Ideas For Girls

Painting nail is a hobby of girls. If you paint your nail in boring ways. Here you will find more than hundreds of nail designs. Your nail will look more attractive than ever. 2020 is all about experimenting especially when it comes to nail painting.  The nail paint has mostly used the product over the world among women. Below you will find a large variety of simple nail paint. There are various nail paint styles such as snowflakes and horizontal lines. The nail paint is based on your shape and length of your nail. Let’s keep scroll dawon and watch more nail paints with different color combinations. These simple nails designs are here with creative and cool nail designs.

Latest 15 Nail Art Designs

You can accomplish these nail art designs at home just follow a few steps.

1.Snowflake On White And Blue Nails

These refresh and simple nail designs give a very cool and unique look. The color combination is just flawless. This is just a perfect nail look. You can also set different other nail paint colors. When you think about winter and snowflake your imagination comes to near the shade of blue colors. This is not essential only to use blue color also add some sort of other colors. There is various kind of snowflake colors.snowflake simple nail designs

Metallic Snowflakes

Metallic Snowflakes simple nail designs

Pretty Nude Snowflakes

Pretty Nude Snowflakes simple nail designs

Minnie Mouse SnowflakesMinnie Mouse Snowflakes simple nail designs

Pink Ombre SnowflakesPink Ombre Snowflakes simple nail designs


Horizontal in two colors is the mashup of different colors nail paint. Lins divide the nail paint into parts with two different colors. Horizontal lines make the difference between two colors. Let’s check bellow horizontal nait art which is very fresh. This nail paint gives a twist to every color. Evry colors have their own attraction but matching two colors makes it difficult. So, dear, you are in the right place. We have accomplished the best combination and simple nail designs for you. Horizontal lines in two colors simple nail designs

 Horizontal lines in two colors simple nail designs

4. Purple-Pink Floral Nail Art

The purple-pink nail art design is here for you. The pink color is the favorite color of girls. The pink and white color combination is delightful. Which attract the beauty of nails. It is classy yet simple nail art designs. Applying Nail is not a big task but managing and color combinations can be a difficult task. Let’s take one side on purple pink floral simple nail art designs which gives baby look. These are very lavish colors. If you want to apply these nail art to the birthday party of your friends. It will be better. Purple-Pink Floral simple Nail designs

5. Colorful Clouds Nail Art

Colors cloud nail designs reflect the colors of the cloud. Majority of the paint lover like to adore darker colors. Dark colors make the noil more prominent. This is the reflection of the cloud’s colors. It is colorful and damn adorable. If you want to adore this nail art then you must need to to have a brush and given below nail paint. Try these colors and give your comments also. So  Friends Read this article and paint your nail with green-blue nail polish Colorful Clouds simple Nail designs

  • Pink nail polish
  • Light blue nail polish

6. Plastic Wrap Nail Designs

Plastic wrap nail art is a combination of light blue and gold. You can wear it as causally also on functions. For applying this nail art you need various colors such as. You can apply two coats of polish. When one coat is dry apply a second coat with a blue polish over a gold. After wet dab crumpled plastic wrap over your nail. Apply these all nail colors and give a cool and pretty look to the nail. These simple nails designs are new.

Plastic Wrap simple Nail designs

  • Gold nail polish
  • Plastic wrap
  • Clear polish

7. Gold Glitter Nail Art

This design is fancy and easy to adorable. These are super quick and easy designs. This is a gold-based color design. Gold glitter nail art is perfect and glittering look nails designs. First, you will paint your nail with two gold nail polish. After creating a pink dot on the corner. Apply a clear coat of nail polish. The nail color designs you will use are given below. Gold Glitter simple Nail designs
  • Gold Nail Polish
  • Pink nail polish
  • Black nail polish
  • Dotting tool
  • Brush tool

8. Chocolate Gold Nail Art

This is the best and ideal color nail design. Every girl likes to eat chocolate. Chocolate is the most appropriate gift if you are going to visit your friends. Chocolate gold nail art is a reflection of chocolate colors. Those girls who love beauty and fashion can wear chocolate colors. Follow us with Chocolate nail designs as chocolate are soo sweet and tasty. So we also tried our best to make the chocolate nail designs delicious too. Get a great effect and wonderfull look use this chocolate nail.Chocolate Gold simple Nail designs

9. Strawberry Fields Forever Nails

Let’s try some different with strawberry colors nail designs. The color you will combine is really perfect and best for every nail style. Strawberry fields forever nails is the collection of various other colors. Strawberry Fields Forever Nails are really a perfect look nail designs. Apply the coat of nail polish and give a new look to nails. Bellow colors are perfect for Strawberry Fields Forever Nails.Fields Forever simple Nails designs
  • Red nail polish
  • Dark green nail polish
  • Light green nail polish
  • A mellow-yellow shade or white nail polish

10. Valentines Nail Design

If you are interested to make the heart on nails then it is perfect for you dear. These easy valentine nail designs are superb. If you combine three shades of pink it will give a lavish and stylish look. Making the nail designs more clear apply a coated two or three times. You can create a heart using following dotting toot. You will include some nail designs which are given below.

saintliness simple nail designs

  • Three shades of pink nail polish.
  • Dotting tool.
  • Tape
  • Nail striper. A Bright Valentine
  • Colorful Valentines

11. Lavender Circles Nail Art

Lavender circles nail art is with different colors. It is said that different colors have different meanings. We have rounded up Lavender Circles Nail Art designs which are very easy to apply. You will use the following nail polish colors. Lavender Circles simple Nail designs

  • Nude-gray nail polish
  • Rounded-hole nail art labels

12. Leopard Print Nail  Designs

Leopard Print Nail  Design is really a perfect catch design. This is very smooth with different color combinations. Leopard Print nail art design is basically a unique look design. This color combination is given below. Leopard Print simple Nail  Designs

13.Musical Notes Nail Art.

Musical Notes Nail design is best for music lovers each girl is interested in music so each one would like to make this musical nail art. The following nail color combination is given below.

Musical Notes simple Nail designs 

  • Nude nail polish
  • Black nail polish

14. Red And White Polka Nail Design

Red and the white color combination is a perfect choice for everyone. The Nail color combination you will use is given below.Red And White Polka simple Nail designs
  • White nail polish
  • Red nail polish
  • Nail strips or tape

15. Yellow Color Grapefruit Nail Designs

Yellow is considered a happy color. You can use different types of colors with yellow nail designs. Various colors are given bellow for yellow color grapefruit nail design.Yellow Color Grapefruit simple Nail Designs

  • A yellow nail polish
  • Pastel pink nail polish
  • White nail polish

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