Latest Top 10 Wedding Makeup Looks For Bridle In 2020

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Latest Makeup Looks In 2020

Makeup is used for enhancing the appearance and for looking more beautiful. Makeup is very popular among girls and women these days, and if we talk about the wedding then on wedding makeup is compulsory for girls and women especially for brides. But nailing the best wedding makeup for your special day can be difficult because there are so many choices, various designs, and trends that will make you confuse while making a decision. On your wedding day, you want to look more pretty and beautiful so we got some most beautiful wedding makeup styles and looks for every kind of bride, this will help you in your decision making process about your wedding makeup.

1.Natural Makeup for Wedding

The thing maybe you are worried about your wedding day will be about the makeup weather it will remain on your face all day or it will just be removed before the ceremony. So the natural makeup is the solution for you because it will ensure all-day longevity with freshness. Natural bridal makeup is also best because it will highlight your features and make you feel that you are the best version of yourself on your special day.Natural Makeup Wedding tips

simple Natural wedding makeup look

easy Natural Wedding makeup tips

2.Classic Makeup for Wedding

Classic makeup is also a good option for you on your wedding day, as it never goes out of fashion and it will take less time to be applied on your face. If you want a classic makeup look then go for simple eye makeup with velvet browns and a clean-cut eyeliner depending upon your eye shape but keep in mind the suitability according to your eye color and shape.
If you want a soft look then try a dark brown eyeliner instead of black teamed with rosy pink lipstick. Don’t overdo with makeup and keep your natural beauty enhanced.Classic Wedding makeup tips

3.Romantic& Dramatic Makeup for Wedding

If you are romantic so you might love the romantic makeup for your big day so this attractive makeup style will suits you more depending on your romantic nature. For dramatic style, you can go for thick but full lashes and eyeliner with smoky brown color. If you have bigger eyes, run the pencil eyeliner between the eyelashes and eyes to make your eyes pop. And if you have smaller eyes go with a liquid eyeliner with a flick to fill the eye.Romantic& Dramatic Wedding makeup looks

4.Glamorous Eye Wedding Makeup

The success key to beautiful makeup is to keep it soft but feminine. The glamorous wedding makeup will take your wedding look to the next level by showing your features in a flattering way.
Apply thick coats of mascara on the top and bottom, for a soft touch use a copper eye pencil with the top lash line for extra depth. Ensure to match your lip and cheek shades according to your eye shadow for a matching makeup.Glamorous Eye Wedding Makeup looks

5.Romantic Smoky Eye Wedding Makeup

If you want to choose romantic smoky eye wedding makeup without looking too heavy and dark on your special day then go for a charcoal gray palette creating dark shades in the outer corners of the eye and lighter on the lid. If you aren’t a big fan of ashy hues or they just don’t suit your complexion, opt for sultry plum shades instead, which means you can still achieve the smokey eye makeup. To balance the colors, finish with nude lipstick with warm undertones..Romantic Smoky Eye Wedding Makeup in 2020

6.Red Lips Makeup for Wedding

This wedding makeup style is a related classic, it is timeless. From long-time red lips have been a favorite in the beauty world. A red lip is most popular in pulling off a beautiful wedding makeup look, and if you have a bold and modern style, then this is a perfect choice for you. While choosing the right shade, check out your skin tone, whether you have cool or warm undertones this will ensure you get the right color and as well as, the right makeup.

7.Vintage Makeup for Wedding

If you are thinking about a vintage makeup, dramatic winged liner, and cherry lipstick all spring to mind, then don’t be afraid you can still achieve the gorgeous vintage look from your makeup without overdoing. For your skin, keep it sheer and simple, leaving the bronzer in the drawer for this one. Instead, let the eyes be the focus, with a flicked liquid liner and voluminous lashes. At the end finish the look with a glossy apricot lip.Vintage Wedding makeup

8.Bohemian Makeup for Wedding

Boho bridal and wedding makeup is the ultimate romantic and popular style for your special day and it is too easy to apply. Keep your skin natural and dewy, priming skin with an illuminator for shiny and glowing skin for the base. Highlight the high points of your face to accentuate your features while putting some sparkle, and pastel rose lipstick to keep your makeup soft. If you’re wearing a floral crown, use similar shades to the flower arrangement for your eye shadow.Bohemian Wedding makeup

9.Beach Makeup for Wedding

Many people dream of having a wedding on the beach, and for that they want their dream makeup to match according to the location by applying Beach makeup. Think dewy, bronzed skin to get the ultimate beach babe look, paired with a cool-hued nude lip gloss. To prepare the skin, use an illuminating primer to get a sun-kissed complexion. Keep brows bushy and natural, with a champagne eye shadow on the lids. To complement, a pop of highlighter on the cupid’s bow, inside corner of the eyes and brow bone will take the glossy look to the upper level. To finish, work your bronzer along the frame of your face in the shape of a number 3; along the hairline, into the cheekbone, and along the jawline.Beach Wedding makeup

10.Winter Makeup for Wedding

If you are enjoying the winter season then you might know winter plays a big role in drying out your skin, so make sure your skin is moisturized and prepped, go with a liquid or cream foundation for your base. Additionally, a bold lip for your wedding look will make you look more glamorous, go for plum and berry tones for the ultimate winter shade. Keep lids simple and not too dramatic by allowing the lipstick to be the star of the show.Winter Makeup for Wedding

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