Simple & Easy Nail Designs for Short Nails In 2021

half side nail art
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Simple Short Nail Designs for Girls

Many simple nails design for short nails is available to enhance the beauty and elegance of nails. It is said that nails are the entrance to the personality. There are a variety of ideas to decorate and enhance the attractiveness of short nails. One can talk much about an individual after just seeing their claws. You can adopt any design even if you have short nails. You can select a square or circle shape. Our selection consists of 15+ simple short nail designs for girls to look charming and attractive in a different way.

  1. Bead Nail Art

Bead nail art is one of the elegant and simple nail designs for short nails. You can apply small size beads around the design that you have made on your nails, such as a simple diagonal line, heart shape to highlight it. One may also put a single small size bead on your nail in the center or at the edge of your nail. You can select a bead color as per your choice.

Bead nail art

  1. Multicolor dot nail Art

One of the convenient and simple nail designs for short nails to apply multicolor dots nail design. You just have to paint your nail with any light color and then put multiple small size dots covering your whole nail randomly. It gives a funky trendy look and also does not consume much of your time.

Multicolor dot nail art

  1. Love Heart Nail Art

In love heart nail art, you can draw heart as represents love and warmth. When you want your nails to look beautiful and idealistic then all you have to do is to apply hearts. You can select any color combination such as black and white or red and black. Mostly this art is used on valentine’s day by girls.

Love heart nail art

  1. Multicolor Nail Art

Who knew that a bunch of multicolor lines will look so attractive? If you no longer like looking at your nails with a single color, it is time to get your nails covered with some of your favorite funky and vibrant colors. Just draw the pattern of lines with different colors in different directions and as a result, you will see trendy, funky multicolored nail art.

Multicolor nail art design

  1. Logo Nail Art

Logo nail art is also one of the classy nail designs for short nails and is also in trend these days. All you need to do is to put any light color on your nails as a base color and then draw different social media logos on your nails. Hurrah! How trendy your nails look now.

logo nail art

  1. Tie and dye Nail Art

Getting inspired by the tie and dye clothing style, now tie and dye nail art is in. Following the tie and dye pattern on your nails with different colors will give you unique nail art. There is no limitation of colors to apply to tie and dye art although this design needs attention and technique.

tie and dye nail art

  1. Half side Nail Art

The half-side nail art design is the simplest among all designs. All you need to do is put a scotch tape covering half of your nail and then apply any desired nail paint on the uncovered part of your nail. When nail paint has fully dried, put transparent color on the whole nail to give a shiny look. Isn’t it an easy and really cool art?

half side nail art

  1. Gold and Silver Nail Art

Gold and silver nail art is always in trend and is one of the most used simple nail designs for short nails. A combination of gold and silver color on your nails will give an exceptional attraction and shine. To get gold and silver nail art you need to apply any dark or light color nail paint as a base color and then put little sparks of gold and silver color covering your whole nail. Isn’t it an amazing idea to get your nail art done in a really short time?

Gold and silver nail art

  1. Golden Tips Nail Art

One of the simplest and trendy designs you are doing to spread on your nail. This design just needs a single shiny golden and transparent color. Cover the edges of your nails with a golden color and let them dry. After that apply transparent nail paint covering your whole nail. Here you got the golden tips to nail art.

Golden tips nail art

  1. Geometrical Shapes Nail Art

As the name represents, this art is more like geometrical shapes. So, all you need to do is to make different small-sized rectangular shapes or bars of different sizes all over the nail. These shapes can be made with different colors while color selection totally depends on your choice. As silver and gold nail art one may apply base color on the nail before drawing geometrical shapes.

geometric shape nail art

  1. Floral Nail Art

Floral nail art is in trend nowadays for both short and long nails. Like other nail arts, this design also needs to put a base color on nails and then put floral stickers on the nail in the center or at the edges.  A variety of nail stickers are available in the market and so getting this nail art done is not a big deal.

floral nail art

  1. Star Nail Art

 Star nail art one of the simplest nail designs for short nails and also for long nails. This is convenient when you have limited time to get your nails done. The first step is to put any base color covering the whole nail and then draw little stars all over the nail with glittery nail paint. This style will give your nails a glittery, sparkle look.

Star nail art

  1. Multicolor Tips Nail Art

Like golden tips nail art, multicolor tips nail arts also cover the tips of your nails. You can apply multi colors to the tip of your nail and all you need to do is to blend each color with the color applied on the adjacent side. Now, let it dry and apply transparent nail paint to the nail.

Multicolor tips nail art

  1. Line Nails Art

Line nail art design requires applying lines of different sizes in different directions all over the nail. You may use single color or multicolor to apply this design. This nail art seems easy but needs a lot of attention. It gives you a trendy and classy look.

line nail art

  1. Smiley Nail Art

Smiley nail art is in trend these days. You can apply base on your nails with a very bright color. Let it dry and then draw smileys of your choice. This trend will never get old. It gives a sassy and trendy look. Most young girls love to apply such designs.

Smiley face nail art

  1. Playful Nail Art

If you are searching for a cheerful and lighthearted design then playful is the perfect one. It includes mixing different colors to practice dissimilar shades. Moreover, adding some unique designs into it such as the shape of the eye, lips or sun will give you an outstanding result.

playful nail art

Latest Easy Nail Designs for Girls and Women in 2021