Latest Men’s Hairstyles For Short Hair To Try in 2021

Short Mohawk fade
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15+ Unique Men’s Hairstyles for Short Hair

Men’s hairstyles for short hair have become a very hot and ironic debate. A good hairstyle creates confidence in a man’s personality. Most of the men are well aware of their personal styles, especially when talking about hairstyles. No style is complete without a perfect haircut. Your appearance does not leave a good impact if you have a bad hair look. The 21st century came with valiant men’s hairstyles for short hair and also for long hair. Our selection consists of a variety of Men’s Hairstyles for Short Hair.

  1. Short Mohawk Fade Hairstyle

First, on the list of men’s hairstyles for short hair we have, a Mohawk haircut. It is a hair strip from the center of the head and the sides are shaved. It gives a really cool and tough look. Armed forces and militaries prefer to have a mohawk hairstyle. Mohawk fades are new Men’s Hairstyles for Short Hair. On the top of the head, hair does not need to be spiked up. You can keep hairs spiky, curly, or in any style that you want. It gives a very cool look.’

Men’s Hairstyles for Short Hair

  1. French Crop Fade Hairstyle

French Crop Fade hairstyle is just like Caesar cut. But the main difference is that length of hair on the top of the head is long as compared to Caesar cut. French Crop Fade is one of the most trendy Men’s Hairstyles for Short Hair.

French crop fade

  1. Crew Cut Hairstyle

Crew haircut is a popular hairstyle. In this style, there are strands on the top of the head that is in a standing position. Hair strands are typically moved up in length with the lengthiest hairs at the hairline and short strands at the front of the head in order to create a straight and smooth appearance for both sides of the head.

Short Hair Men's Hairstyles

  1. High and Tight Hairstyle

High and tight is a type of crew cut because it is a military variant. In this style back and sides of the head are shaved that skin is clear and prominent while the top of the head is combined or faded into a little longer hair. This hairstyle is also adopted by the men in U.S armed forces.

high and tight haircut for men

  1. Buzz Cut with Shaved Design Hairstyle

Buzzcut with shaved design in which hair on the sides, back, and top of the head are hairless/shaved with clippers in a uniform pattern. It is the most common design, especially for young boys. Buzzcut with shaved design is a famous men’s hairstyles for short hair.

buzz cut with shaved design


  1. Short Comb Over Hairstyle

It is another hot pick from the men’s hairstyles for short hair. Short Comb Over is also known as Comb Over which has a line cut, which has a side sharped shaved line alongside hairs. It is also known as a hard part comb-over. This hairstyle gives you the best appearance because of its faded sides and a lot of top-up volumes.

Short comb over hairstyle for men

  1. Short Curly Quiff Hairstyle

Short Curly Quiff is the most modern men’s hairstyle for short hairs but it is carried as a casual and younger impression. The top head portion is cut about 2 to 4 inches long and also has an undercut on the sides. This perfect haircut gives a very bossy look.

short curly quiff haircut

  1. Modern Mohawk Hairstyle

The most simple hairstyle modern mohawk is the top stylish hairdo for men into a toned-down mohawk and it has no other measures. Most adopted Men’s Hairstyles for Short Hair.

modern mohawk mens haircut

  1. Slicked Back Hairstyle

In Slicked back hairstyle hairs on the sides are short while on the top of the head hair is long. In this hairstyle, hairs are given a sleek and seem that sleek get combined on the back of the head.

slicked back haircut for men

  1. Messy French Crop with Skin Fade

This hairstyle has so much similarity with caesar cut and it also includes undercut along with short hairs on the top of the head. Caesar Cut and French Crop have so much similarity but the main difference is French crop has a long fringe and it has more length from the head top.

messy French crop

  1. Hipster Style 

Hipster style includes many styles that are trending and have edgy elements. Most common hairstyles include, undercuts, long hairs, comb-overs, slicked back hairs ad pompadours.

hipster hairstyle

  1. Buzz Cut

In the buzz cut hairstyle, the sides and back of the head are buzzed with equal length and very short length of hairs are left on the top of the head. Undercut haircut contains short or long hair purely depends on your choice.

Men’s Hairstyles for Short Hair in 2021

  1. Short Comb Over Fade Cut

In a short comb over the Fade cut, hairs are combed on one side of the head and are paired with the hard side of the head. It has many similarities to the classic side part but it has unique look due to its swept appearance. Short comb over fade cut can also be compared with other styles such as undercut. It is one of the most trendy men’s hairstyles for short hair.

new hairstyles for men in 2021

  1. Short Style with Finger Waves

This style is all about shaping and molding hair. Short style with finger waves is a popular hairstyle for its waves. Short Style with finger waves is one of the well-known and widely adopted men’s hairstyles for short hair.

Short Style with fringe wave hairstyle

  1. Blow Out

This hairstyle gives your hair a very rough look as your hair was getting stuck in the wind. It is a less structured hairstyle as compared to most of the designs. It takes large look and short sides.

blow out haircut for men

  1. Regular Hair cut with Texture

The word texture means to add separation and meaning to hairs in order to create layers in them. Here you need something that is messier/disordered and not much organized as compared to the natural hairs.

trending hairstyles for men in 2021

  1. Fringe Hair cut

Leaving some hairs on your forehead so that it turns into a fringe is a great look. You can apply hair gel so that it may look messy.  if you want to look charming and classy at the same time then you better chose fringe hair cut.

Men’s Hairstyles for Short Hairs

  1. Side Parted Hair

Side parted is one of the classy hairstyles which gives a good young boy look. You just need to do a side part and then you comb over the opposite side. To neatly finish the side-parted hair, you need to use gel. Side parted hairstyle is a famous Men’s Hairstyles for Short Hair.

latest hairstyles for men short hair

  1. Spiky Hair

Spiky hairs are possible with almost every hair type but if you have thick and heavy hairs you can get flawless spikes. 2 inches long hair on the top of the head is the main requirement to get spikes. You also need to apply some gel so that spikes may stay for a little bit longer. Spiky men’s hairstyle for short hair is mostly adopted to look fancier and tuned.

hairstyle for boys

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